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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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civic center b.a.r.t. station, an explosion which b.a.r.t. now says was due to equipment failure. the appearance of the san francisco police bomb squad heightened concerns this afternoon. there was an explosion at the station at 1:25 p.m. and fear a bomb has gone off underground. the fears turned into reports of a possible train derailment. in the end, -- there was a system malfunction of some sort, either overpowering the police did an vegas and there doesn't seem to be any apparent criminal intent. >> the b.a.r.t. station was evacuated and closed while police investigated incident. they closed off market street just in case there was something more sinister going on. then it seem the third rail has arced. that's what caused the loud noise and spark.
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>> they don't know if something touched the third rail and then also touched the track. >> they know the arcing caused the explosion and resulting smoke. fire officials say the paramedics treated one person for possible smoke inhalation. >> b.a.r.t. says the trains were delayed for half an hour, but now the trains are running on schedule. b.a.r.t. also says the incident was caused by equipment failure and a brake overload on the train. reporting live in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> ama: an acid spill in san rafael lead to four people going to the hospital. it happened shoortly an noon. as sit was spilled inside a garage. two adults suffered unknown injuries and were taken to the hospital. two children within if them. muiratic acid is an industrial cleanser and is use that in swimming pooling. >> alan: in newark a man had a practicing maintain woman
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barricaded with him in a motel room for hours. reporter: this is a standoff that ended with the suspect coming out with his hands up. with him, his girlfriend, who was unharmed. she also came out with her hands up. police tell us this incident start after california highway patrol ran a license plate of car at the motel 6 and connected the car to their suspect. >> not giving his name. involved in some sort of a use of the vehicle in a pursuit, and possibly using the vehicle to endanger the community and/or officers. >> several family members showed up at the mow expel were able to talk to the suspect as he sat in the back of the patrol car. his grandmother told me his name is eric, and they came to the hotel to encourage to give up peacefully. >> any suspension he might be armed and dangerous? >> yes. look to go totality of the
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circumstances and previous contacts were we heightened to the point where we activated our spend we weres and tack take yiewns. >> police say because he was wanted for using the vehicle to allegedly assault a police officer and because he might have a pennsylvania -- have a parole violation they called for backup. the believed a child might be in the room with them but in the the end was no child, only his pregnant girlfriend. a does other motel guests were able to return after being lock out. >> i woke up this morning. i went around the premises of the area, and there were numerous police officers, some with machine guns, so it was serious. >> in newark, abc-7 news. >> ama: san francisco police are looking for a gunman who shot and killed a man in broad daylight in mission district. the victim was shot once in the chest on the sidewalk. the gunman ran away.
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police are interviewing witnesses, trying to get a description of that suspect. fairfield police are searching for a gunman who shot a teenager and two men this morning. police say just before 1:00 this morning, they were called to dana drive where they found a 16-year-old boy and two men wounds eed. all throw are expected to recovery. >> alan: napa county officials called over a search for a missing fisherman an hour ago. the plingd off the bridge into the napa river around 2:45 a.m. firefighters searched the river's banks looking for signs of mowing mow dogana. one team found something interesting. >> we found a pair of tennis shoes float can in the river in the general area where the victim was last scene. >> neighbors heard a man splashing in the river and screaming in spanish. the sheriff believes a -- will
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resume the search tomorrow. >> a special ceremony is about to get underway to honor a missing morgan hill teen. today is the six-month anniversary of the disappearance of sear la lamar. we're live with more. >> we're at the sierra lamar search center, and people are making their way he. there will be a prayer and a balloon release in sierra's honor. a year sierra lamar disappeared on her way to the school bus stop not far from her home on march 16th. law enforcement and voptz spent weeks trying to find her. they never did but in may the sheriff's department arrested ang lean torrez for her murder but never found her body. still, no sign of sierra. this evening's six-month commemoration is sure to draw people from all over, including
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family, friends, volunteers, and even strangers. we spoke to two women who foal be compelled to be here. >> i have granddaughters, and its hurts. >> i don't know. it's just dish feel bad for the parents. >> i have young daughters, too. my daughter is 21:00 but just the thought hurts a lot. i just hope they will find her or say something, where she is at or what happened to her. >> volunteers will continue to hold searches for sierra but they will not be held on saturdays only, yesterday dive teams wend looking for her in nearby bodies of water. something they have done a number of times before. >> ama: the father of the man accused of killing sierra lamar is expected to be in court tomorrow. he is accused of sexual assault. police say he repeat lid raped a family member when the victim
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was between the ages of five and 14 years old. the trial is expected to begin tomorrow. >> still to come, the search to find a missing former san francisco firefighter who disappeared on a trip to canada. what his family is saying tonight. >> ama: the new efforts to revent violence at tonight's 49ers game. >> alan: the final flight nor at the space shoutle endef -- endeavour. >> leigh: you can see the fog. it is back and, yeah, we're going to cool things down a little
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>> ama: a bay area family is asking for your help to find a missing man who may be disoriented. 69-year-old charles dowd, retired san francisco firefighter, was traveling to canada on board amtrak. he was last heard from in colorado on thursday and may have been seen in nebraska. he is under a doctor's care and needs medication. >> he is a character. my dad is a character. if people have seen him in nebraska, and in omaha, along the train route, feel like they would remember him, and the more we can get his picture and we also started a facebook page, find charlie dowd. i feel like if people see it, they'll remember him. >> ama: she is on her way to omaha right now. this is the facebook page.
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charlie dowd suffers from high blood pressure and is die -- diabetic. >> alan: tomorrow is the jars of the good evening of the "occupy" movement a year ago and protests are planned across the country in new york, demonstrators plan to march on wall street. it start as a protest against economic and social inequality but soon snowballed into a sometimes violent protest against everything work with -- wrong with the world. a protest is expected in san francisco tomorrow in the wells fargo bank near the barret party station, and at pg&e headquarters on market street, and another one at the war memorial on vanness. and two others are planned. >> a delay for the final flight of the space shuttle den duff vow. >> alan: how police are going undercover at the 49ers game. >> ama: it was a beautiful
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weekend. leigh glaser has the forecast. >> mike: i feel your pain, raider fans. silver and block fall to 0-2, they couldn't stop the dolphins.
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>> ama: this afternoon teachers in chicago decided to extend their strike into a second week. and just a few minutes ago city officials said they'll seek a court order to end the strike. both sides spent the weekend at the bargaining table but union leaders declined to vote on suspending the strike. the strike affects 350,000 students. chicago mayor rahm emalmanual calls the strike illegal. >> alan: police put their security game plan into effect for the 49ers home opener at candle stick park. don't be surprised if you find some undercover officers wearing detroit lions gear. the chief believes putting officers in the opposing team's jerseys can cut down on fan violence. the sfpd used a sim laugh strategy during the nfl playoffs games last season and during dodger-giants games at at&t
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park. fans go through metal detectors as part of the new nfl security policy. >> marin county transit officials will decide tomorrow whether to accept a new less costly contract for bus service. the reduced rate contract would save the county a million dollars a year and will save the jobs of 125 golden gate transit workers. those jobs would be eliminated if marin county chose another bus service provider. >> alan: the last night of construction at sfo, at least this weekend. one of the main arrival runways is closed until tomorrow morning while crews work ago lengthening the runway and installing new lights. the construction will shut down the runway again during the weekends of september 21st and september 28th. >> ama: minutes ago nasa postponed the final flight of the space shuttle endef vow 24
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hours due to bad weather. it will now be tuesday when it flies to houston for a brief stopover and then on to los angeles to be placed in a human. the endeavour flew 25 missions, logging nearly 300 days in space and circled earth more than 3600 times. now it gets to rest. >> alan: leigh glaser has a look at the week ahead. >> leigh: a little murky. you can see the cloud deck is above the towers there, but slowly starting to slide south. so, it's the mist and drizzle reported on the span, and if you commute over there, early tomorrow morning, get ready for low clouds, fog, mist and drizzle, and a cooling trend is on top. picking up the low cloudiness banking up near the cost. westerly winds are going to push that further inland tonight so get ready for overcast conditions tomorrow and that's
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also going to mean a sign that temperatures will begin to cool for us around here. for at least the next couple of days. fog right now. bow bodega bay, and winds on the increase. here's the highs today. 91 in fairfield. 87 in antioch. san rafael, 77. once that fog bank cleared away you saw sunshine. 60 was the high in san francisco. 85 was the high in morgan hill. currently we have 70 in santa rosa. 56, san francisco. 57, oakland, 84, antioch. yes, stronger onshore winds means they're low clouds pushing further inland. and get ready for cooler temperatures through mid-week as strong onshore winds will be with us and then after that we'll start to warm up a little bit as we get into thursday and friday. so, a few subtle changes expected. we'll get you out the door.
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tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m., you'll noise the wide-spread fog bank extending out toward concord, walnut creek tomorrow morning and will burn back to the coast about 9:00. it will sit coastside with mist and drizzle and then the cooling trend begins tomorrow. 60s around the bay. more 70s, interior east bay. than 80s. we'll manage few towards live moore. the culprit is area of he pressure to the north and west. it's pushing the jet dream right over the bay area, and those onshore winds will start to increase, more low clouds and fog, the next couple of mergings, and that's going to mean cooler temperatures. winds will pick up as well. lows tonight, 40s. north bay, 50s elsewhere with the drizzle developing coast side, and then highs tomorrow, temperatures come down, santa rosa, 76. 61, san francisco, antioch tomorrow, 84.
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82 for livermore. temperatures coming down. 66 oakland, 74, san jose, comfortable, 68 degrees tomorrow afternoon. san cruz, once you get the sunshine you'll heat up. hires the seven day forecast. cooler monday, tuesday, wednesday. a little warming for thursday. back into the 80s. thursday and friday. the last day of summer, as fall arrives on saturday, and by sunday, thickening clouds and cooler temperatures then. >> alan: thank you, leigh. >> ama: mike is here. >> mike: the raiders lost the charger and then traveled to miami to get embarrassed by the dolphins. raiders' defense looked lost. ryan tan tan -- then car san pauler to goodson.
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the highlight of the day. goes 65-yard. raiders led see half. despite 373 yards passing from palmer, raiders managed 23 yards rushing. reggie bush went off. four tackle here. today's theme, missed tackles. take this handoff. finds the seam. no one catches him. 65 yards. miami up 21, 10. bush, 26 carries, 172 yards. pushing and two scores, raiders missed tackles all day, tannehill connects with the -- his first nfl td pass. dolphins win their home opener for the first time since 2005. >> upset of the day in new england. arizona up 20-18 with a minute left when williams fumbles the ball and patriots recover.
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steven got -- has a chance to win it. shanks it. cardinals improve to 2-0. the 49ers trying to keep pace with arizona in the nfc west. they lead detroit 14-6. we hall have highlights at 11:00. >> the giants clinched their division and now fine-tuning their game for another run at the world series. they're in arizona before the head home for ten more games. the giants fan excepting a sweep but no brooms were found. fourth inning, belt off the glove of goldschmidt. buster posey scores. ryan vogelsong, struggling. a five-run fourth did him in. opposing pitcher patrick co-bin, rips one down the line. a triple and four rbi on the day.
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in the sixth, justin upton crushes this one off clay hensley. he added three rbi. d-backs avoid the sweep. a's and orioles, this man with his ringo starr impression. thes in the fourth. mike wieters jump on the first pitch. see ya. weiter's second of the game. o's on top in the sixth. drew is struck out. the most strikeouts in the giants season over 2700. orioles prevent a sweep with the 9-5 victory and cut the lead of in in the wild card to two games. >> every two woaks having a new dominant player on the lpga. this month, j.a. shin. the 36-hole day due to inclement weather, ending with the
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beautiful sunset. j.a. took it up another notch. makes the birdie. then on 18. taps in to win her second british open championship. the only player under par set the british open record by win big nine strokes. we'll have 49ers highlight tonight. >> with the raiders you have to wonder if the offensive scheme gigs for darren mcfadden. >> mike: we'll see. only two games in. >> alan: coming up, a slight recovery at the box office. but did "finding nemo 3" make
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>> ama: coming up at 11:00. the new austerity measures for california and the lengths governor brown will go to if the tax bill doesn't pass in november. >> the baby born in the most unlikely spot, and the special treat the little girl now gets for lymph that's tonight on abc-7 news at 11:00. >> alan: resident evil, rid -- retribution proves the fifth time is a charm. >> alan: it's the fifth in the resident evil action franchise. it was number one at the box office this weekend, earning more than $21 million. that tops tops the 3- -- lee ref finding -- three -- 3-d. am aim would have gob to nemo.
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